Quincy’s Got The Jobs.
Or Bring Your Own.

Quincy is located in the heart of America. Situated beside one of the country’s most important trade routes, Quincy has always attracted and nurtured the growth of big employers with great jobs. For decades, even centuries, individuals and families have built lives here supported by our growing employers. Find a job in Quincy with one of them today.

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If you’re considering bringing your job with you when you move to Quincy, you’ll find a lot of great options for working remotely. Work from the porch of a Victorian home, a downtown loft apartment or a modern home in the suburbs. To keep you moving fast, Quincy is a Remote Ready City equipped with gigabit fiber optic internet and gourmet coffee shops like the home-grown Electric Fountain Brewing, Bailey’s Coffeehouse & Fudge, Carter’s Coffee and Lakeside Coffee at Moorman Park – and Starbucks and Caribou Coffee locations.

The Commercial Hub of the Tri-state Area.

Quincy is the largest city in west-central Illinois and has positioned itself as the commercial, retail and medical hub of the region, serving a regional population of more than 250,000. If you’re an entrepreneur, that means a Quincy location gives you low costs and a large service area. If you’re looking for a job, there is no better place than Quincy.

Kohl Headquarters - Quincy, IL

Home to Great American Companies.

Quincy’s location has attracted companies that are the backbone of America. Get to know our top employers and you’ll learn “oh, they make those in Quincy.” We make things, but we also take care of our hard-working people with world-class healthcare and service providers. Find a job that’s right for you and move to Quincy.