Get up to $5,000 When You Relocate To Quincy.

A helping hand makes the moving process easier. Quincy Concierge Services is here to do just that. Concierge Services help you get to know the Quincy & Adams County community. Then, we’re here to make your move simpler by connecting you with people and resources you need for a smooth transition. How can we help you?

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A new home in Quincy means picking among great choices. There are modern suburbs near quality schools, historic homes within any of four National Historic Register Districts, upper-story downtown lofts, and newer apartments all around town. Best of all, in Quincy, you’ll get more square footage for your dollar. The median home price here is just under half the national average.**

Check out the videos below to learn about a few of Quincy’s housing options.

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The City of Quincy works hard to keep the cost of living low. There is no city gas tax and no city utility tax. Add in your shorter commute and lower housing costs, and chances are a move to Quincy will make good financial sense. Cost of living comparisons show Quincy is more affordable than both US and state of Illinois averages.*


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*Conditions Apply

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You’re about to embark on an exciting next chapter. We know that and we’ve been planning for you. There is no city in America more passionate about being a great place to live than Quincy. We’re focused on being the best place we can be so our residents can enjoy life more. We’re here for each other and we’re here for you – Right on Q. Come for a visit and you may just decide to stay for a lifetime.

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Cost of Living

LESS than U.S. average

Cost of Housing

LESS than U.S. average

Cost of Housing

LESS than State of Illinois average


Quincy Wants to Thank You for Relocating.

The Quincy Workforce Relocation Assistance Program is a property tax rebate and lease rebate to reward qualified participants who move to Quincy. Plan your move to Quincy and enjoy the upside!

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Guidelines of the program are as follows:

  • Up to a $5,000 rebate on residential property taxes paid on the first-year property bill on owner-occupied dwellings. The amount rebated is driven by individual property values but may not exceed $5,000.
  • Up to a $3,500 rebate on residential rent/lease payments after one year of payments.
  • Please note that to be eligible for the Quincy Workforce Relocation Assistance Program you must have lived outside Quincy before August 4, 2021. Participants must apply within three months of moving to Quincy to be eligible. The move-in date must be verified through a lease or home purchase.
  • Participants are eligible for either a residential property tax or a rent/lease rebate, not both.
  • Rebates are available for individuals/families who relocate from outside Adams County to within the city limits of Quincy and take or maintain employment in Adams County.
  • Remote workers who relocate within the city limits of Quincy but are employed by companies outside of Adams County are also eligible. The county employment restriction does not apply to remote employment.
  • Rebates are available on a first-come/first-serve basis until a total of $125,000 in rebates are issued from this City of Quincy program.